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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marine Corps Res Cpl. Mark A. Camp: Someone You Should Know

This article brings pride and tears to all patriots. You have heard of many people in battle and many of them dieing. Captain Camp made it home alive, but not all of them.
In May of 2005, Marines stationed in Anbar province began a week-long hunt to root out insurgents and foreign fighters in the volatile areas around the Syrian border. Dubbed Operation Matador, those tasked with carrying out the mission encountered enemies who had dug in and were ready to fight: deadly roadside bombs, sniper attacks, and several well-planned ambushes.

One day after the operation began, then-Lance Cpl. Camp and his company were sent to New Ubaydi on a house-clearing mission. As Camp’s squad entered one of the houses, insurgents hiding in a closet and in an underground crawlspace opened fire, shooting four Marines. Camp, outside, heard the gunfight and immediately ran inside to help. Three separate times he entered and exited the building to recover his squad members and clear the house of insurgents. [Here is an article written about the ambush, and here is an article written about their Silver Stars.]
It is good to be surrounded with heroes. Lord, please watch over the ones who are still living, comfort the loved ones of the ones whom have gone home, and protect the ones that are still out in the field. Thank you.

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