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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hard work creates progress in border provinces

It has been quite some time that we've been in Afghanistan, but anything worth having is worth waiting the time. We are spreading our wings, and we are helping this poorest country in the world slowly turn the dial on the clock of despair. Little by little, we are branching out into places no one has tred on before, and it is working to make a difference. Hope is beginning to peak its head.
The elder tribesmen from the Korengal Valley met for peace talks with Coalition leaders and Nuristan Gov. Tamim Nouristani at his compound in the Paruns Valley May 3.

“The Korengal Valley [elders, whose home] is enemy central for Kunar Province, where we’ve been doing most our fighting for the last 14 months now, have decided they want a third party outside of Kunar Province to talk their problems down,” said Army Capt. David W. Mayfield, Headquarters and Headquarters Company commander of 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment. “They trust Governor Nouristani to be that third-party element to help them solve that problem.” [Continue reading.]
May their hopes be fulfilled, just as long as it does not include our elimination! lol.

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