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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calling Arnold!

We still have time, and you do not have to live in California to help. Call Gov. Arnold (you spell his last name!) and tell him to VETO SB 777. It is by Shiela James Kuehl, and it endorses homosexual marriages to children as young as kintergarden. Can you imagine them supporting normal marriage? The condom businesses would go nuts! This is ridiculous, abusive, immoral, preposterous, assinine, horrendeous, and you can fill in the blank with your choice words.

Does this mean I hate homosexuals? You must NOT know me. I hate very few people. For example, I hate bin Ladin. Most homosexuals do not try forcing their lifestyle on me, and vice versa. We have NO problems with each other. HOWEVER, if you go ANYWHERE NEAR MY CHILD? Your goose is cooked! Period.

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