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Monday, April 09, 2007

This Day in History 2003

Just four years ago today the statue of that demonic tyrant came crashing down taking with it all the weight of the past 30 years of terror and gave way to that magical light at the end of a long, long tunnel for all the people who suffered under his boot. While there would still be many sorrows and fears to come, it was here at last. Freedom. Sweet, unadulterated freedom and with it, liberty for all the Iraqi people.

Saddam's statue fell, Baghdad Bob ran off into thin air to be heard from no more, and the jubilance began. I have the pictures. I saw the smiles. I heard the cheers. I saw the tears. You cannot tell me it did not occur.

It is for those children, those women, those elderly people and those men whose only crime was being born in Iraq, under Saddam's boot, that I rejoice with them this day of independence. They have suffered so much, yet they have come so far. It is as if they were trapped in a nightmare unable to awaken! So when they finally did awake, they feared it was unreal, because it has been the dream they could not allow themselves to dream for so long. Then it was upon them. Praise God!

It has been four years now, and it is not what those who dreamed to dare had expected. That is because they are not only fighting criminals from there, but they are fighting a true enemy in the Middle East [Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Arabs (who call themselves Palestinians)] who have a jihad against all who do not believe as they do, and many others whose soul purpose in life is to make sure others are not allowed to live their lives.

They accomplish this by suicide bombings. I have a recommendation. Gather up all the suicide bombers and grant them their dream, then we can get on with ours! Of course, then there is the Democrats...but that's a-whole-nother ball game...

May God bless the Iraqi people, especially the children, and may He bring peace to the entire country. I pray they turn their face toward God and hear His voice. He loves you, Iraq. God bless you.

My friend Shah Alexander has written a nice article about how nice it would be if Al Gore would speak out more for the GWOT, since he spoke about it so much as vice president. Check it out.

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