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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Solomon Islands Tsunami kills 30 so far

Photo by Fox News.
Story by Meraiah Foley, Canadian Press.

The news I've gathered as of this moment is that there are at 30 killed by this tsunami. This is an incredibly low number, which is good for a change. The airport is still closed, which makes it hard for aid to get to the island. The red cross is there right now, but they could never match our Military. (*grin*)

This occurred on Monday, and there is already being found. I do not know which kind, since it took me by surprise. I did not catch all the information. The article I provided is also a later version. (It states 28 deaths.) News of this type can change from minute to minute. Many people, however, were spared. This is a good thing. Now let us pray they make it through the survival.

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