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Thursday, April 26, 2007

So you say you want a revolution...

...well you know
we all want to change the world.


All you need to do to get a revolution is to pull our troops out of Iraq. Surely you don't care about the genocide that would occur afterward. How could you? By the way, stop asking about Darfur while you're at it. I mean, it's none of our business what that son-of-a-bitch dictator is doing over there, right? What about human rights? You don't support them in Iraq, so why support them anywhere?

You liberals, fascists, communists, pinko crybabies make me sick.

I do care about the people in the entire Middle East, including Persia. I also care about the people in Darfur. Stop asking me for money so you can put it in your pocket for your next 'get-together' to save Darfur. You are not saving anything, and you do not give a damn.

Back to the issue. If you support time-tables, let me ask you this. Would you have accepted time-tables during the civil war? What if we had to leave before the slaves were freed? Have you actually had a thought in your freakin little pea-brained heads? Does your hatred for Bush actually eat your brain cells to smitherines?

You disgust me. Yes, you are unpatriotic. You do not deserve the rights our men are fighting for. You should go to a country that you are pledging your allegience so vehemently. Go to the USSR. Go to Iran. Go to Venezuela. Go to Cuba. You love it so much there, go. You hate this country so much, leave. That is one of the freedoms you will never be denied. You piece of crap...

PS. My point. You are killing our men who fighting for your freedom. If the people over in these other countries do not believe we are going to stay until they are able to protect themselves, they will go with the side that is 'winning.' With a**hole Reid saying we have already lost, that is in every paper and al-Jazeera. How would that make you feel if you found out al Qaida had won in your country, knowing you stuck your neck out to help your country to move forward? You will be the first they come to execute! Thank you very f***ing much. a**holes.

Without the help of the Iraqis, they will murder more of our men. It is a media blitz. Do you even understand what a blitz is? Any kind of blitz? Probably don't even like sports, do ya! It's when someone wins by using the media to promulgate their cause and control the information. You don't want us to use any over there, but wow! How you lap it up!

Just because you may not have the balls to put on a uniform, do not kill those of us who do.

Clarification: My anger is directed at the 51 Senators who voted for that stupid bill filled with cut-and-run tell the Generals how to fight a war for which none of those senators know anything about. I mean the scope of the results of their actions. They will never take responsibility for the fact that the Military is already hurting. How dare they! Now they want to hold up sending the bill to the president? It's purely politics, and they're playing this game on the backs of our soldiers. THAT is what I cannot stand. If you happen to be a democrat, I am NOT referring to you. Okay?

I was considering taking this off my site, because it was written in extreme anger and frustration. I decided against it. I will not be a coward like the big news organizations. I should never have allowed my anger to get the better of me. I was wrong. I have sinned against you and against God. I repent my anger, my quickness to write such a mean article, and I pray for Your and your forgiveness. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.