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Saturday, April 21, 2007

More News on SCOTUS Right to Life Decision

Okay, so it wasn't a right to life decision, but we had better start framing the arguement more effectively. I have a category such as, "anti-life" v. "pro-choice". Why? Who has a choice? I'm sorry missy, but you gave up your choice when you gave 'it' up! If you really do not want to have a baby, do not do those things which make babies. Period.

There is more good news on the home front, and I do not believe they are getting enough press.

Black Activists Laud Supreme Court's Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

Year-Long Controversy Based on Faulty Accusation Unnecessarily Stoked Racial Tensions

For Release: April 18, 2007
Contact: David Almasi at 202/543-4110 x11

Today's U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a legislative ban on the practice of partial birth abortion is being hailed by members of the black leadership network Project 21 as a victory for the safety and welfare of the unborn as well as a reminder of the importance of having strict constructionists jurists on our courts.

"At last, the Supreme Court acknowledges that the right to kill one's baby has limits," said Project 21 member Djana Milton. "Although abortion itself remains constitutionally guaranteed, all manners of cruelty in the process are no longer tolerable. This is one of the most civilized decisions in the life and death fight for the unborn." [Continue reading.
How about that?! It is so good when we come together. Please read their press release, and visit their site. The least we could do is support our brothers and sisters. Have a great day.

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