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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's get moving on those cards for Vets!

When you came to this site (if you came by way of homepage), you noticed a post that will remain up there until June 9, 2007. It is there to call your attention to a campaign we are running to gather over 5,000 cards (we only have 50 so far) to send to our troops who are risking their lives so as we may be free. Is a little card too much to ask? Make one! You don't have to buy one if you really don't have the money. It really IS the thought that counts. Let them know you are still thinking about and praying for them! Thank you. (You will find instructions for Operation Thanks for Freedom is here.)

Did I happen to mention that these cards are for the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day, for which we are all extremely grateful? Nudge, nudge...

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