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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Join us with your own polling station

Pajamas Media has a special 'widget' for us to add to our templates so that we may join in the presidential candidacy polling. I thought it would be too large for my sidebar, but I was wrong. Just look to your right and it should be right there! (That is if you are on my front page. lol)

Please add this widget to your site, too. It will give us a better idea where the real voters stand, other than those phony polls the TV shows want us to believe! To heck with them. We are taking over, and they must step down! (lol)
It’s time to tell us what you think! Visit the brand new PAJAMAS MEDIA PRESIDENTIAL STRAW POLL Round Table discussion forum and tell us who you support and why. Start a thread about your favorite candidate, the latest news from the fundraising race, Fred Thompson’s acting ability, or Barack Obama’s nonexistent tie. All topics surrounding the presidential race are welcome. And please take it easy on your fellow Americans. We welcome heated debate, but not in the model of Burr and Hamilton. Have at it, and have fun.

The twelfth week of the PAJAMAS MEDIA PRESIDENTIAL STRAW POLL has officially begun.

The eleventh week saw a continued surge by Fred Thompson in the poll. Last week the former Tennessee senator - slash - prosecutor - slash - movie - and - television - star was first with 34.9% of the vote followed by Ron Paul at 29.00%. This week Thompson is at a whopping 43.5% with Paul falling back to 22.7% Previous winner Rudy Giuliani is in third at 10.2%.

On the Democratic side, results remained the same: Bill Richardson far ahead of runner-up Barack Obama. Tip-toeing up behind Obama … Dennis Kucinich.

Be sure sure to follow the ins and outs of the poll and the campaign on the Corn & Miniter Show. Pajamas Washington editor Richard Minter and Nation Washington Editor David Corn duke it out from the right and the left weekly on Pajamas Video. See the latest Corn & Miniter HERE with Eli Lake sitting in for Rich.

A REMINDER to all blogs and websites: We now offer a voting widget for your site.

Over 300 websites have already registered as precincts (polling places) in the Straw Poll with this widget

By placing the widget on your blog or website, your site can become one of these precincts or polling places just as in an official election. Readers will be able to vote weekly through your site and compare the voting results from that site to the total and to other individual sites. We hope that websites allied with all parts of the political spectrum will participate in this exercise in online democracy. The more who join with us, the more statistically reliable the poll is likely to be.

The widget (with tech support) is available for easy installation here. Just follow the instructions at the link.The results for the first eight weeks of the poll are available to your left. This weekly poll has been updated to those national candidates of both parties that score at least one percent on the most recent Gallup Poll.

Other features - including an election discussion forum, graphs of trends and interviews - are coming soon.
So now you have read what Pajamas Media has to say. Now write your own! I don't even care if you are on the Left. You should be allowed to find out how your friends and readers feel about the candidates. We all should. I love this idea. I am so tired of them telling us who to vote for on election day. We need to do the research, share it with each other, and take our country back...from the media! It's about time...

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