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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daily Quote 4/16-20/2007

Mon. 4/16/2007.
"Wherever indeed a right of property is infringed for the general good, if the nature of the case admits of compensation, it ought to be made; but if compensation be impracticable, that impracticability ought to be an obstacle to a clearly essential reform."

--Alexander Hamilton (Vindication of the Funding System, 1792); Reference: Selected Writings and Speeches of Alexander Hamilton, Frisch, 334.

Tue. 4/17/2007.
"A dying man can do nothing easy."

--Benjamin Franklin (after his daughter asked him to move, 17 April 1790); Reference: The Life of Franklin, Sparks, vol. 1 (531).

Wed. 4/18/2007.
"The propriety of a law, in a constitutional light, must always be deteremined by the nature of the powers upon which it is founded."

--Alexander Hamilton (Federalist No. 33, 3 January 1788); Reference: The Federalist.

Thu. 4/19/2007.
"What a glorious morning this is!"

--Samuel Adams (to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, 19 April 1775); Reference: American Statesman: Samual Adams, Hosmer (297).

Fri. 4/20/2007.
"Jefferson was against any needless official apparel, but if the gown was to carry, he said: "For Heaven's sake discard the monstrous wig which makes the English judges look like rats peeping through bunches of oakum."

--Thomas Jefferson (commenting on judges' apparel); Reference: respec. Quoted.

Now that was funny!

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