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Monday, April 16, 2007

At least 20 murdered at Virginia Tech, Redeploy!

In a heinous act, a man went through at least two buildings at the Virginia Technical College (Institute?) shooting indiscriminately, or it would seem so far. There will be news coming in at a pace of drips and drabs. They cannot confirm the number of dead or injured, and they will not release the names of the victims. It's about time they started acting like the family matters...

The reason for the call for redeployment? Because people are dead. Don't we always redeploy when people die? If we do not do this for such a dangerous city in Virginia, then tell me, please, why should we do this in Iraq?

I realize it may be tacky to some to lump the two together, but I am actually not. I am trying to show you, by paralleling the events and reactions, the idiocy in the later, while respecting the first.

I pray for the injured, the families of the dead and injured, and the friends and all that are affected by this wicked event. I pray there are answers soon.

I pray Virginia does not become a state that is riddled by insurgents. Remember, this is where those two were found who shot people indiscriminately. Maybe we should let Virginia leave the Union? After all, they fought in the Civil War (on the side of the South!).

Doesn't make sense to you? Want it spelled out? Okay. Let me say that all you saw for 4 years was school shootings and murder, rape, robberies, burglaries, poverty and starvation. Then I did not let you know anything else about Virginia. Would you be willing to move there? Would you plan your vacation there?

MY point is simply this. I'm pissed off that this happened. It is the same thing that happens in Iraq (NOT everyday or everywhere). In that same way as you are demanding for justice for these victims in Virigia, so why do you not believe that we should do the same thing for our ally, Iraq? You don't want to leave Virginia out in the cold because you see the ridiculousness of it. So why do you want us to abandon our weak ally? (This is not meant for those of you who do not want to run away from Iraq.)

I am too angry to be writing about this, apparently. Angry about what? Both crimes. I am angry about the school shooting, AND I am angry about the politicians who think that playing games with our men and women wearing the uniform to protect all of us are getting no freakin' respect or money to do their jobs is a politically acceptable thing to do. If you really care so much, you wouldn't want them dead. That is the result of these dumbass politicians. I gotta go.

Update: The first shooting was at 7:15 am. One was confirmed dead. The rampage began TWO WHOLE HOURS LATER. Why was the school still open? Did anyone respond to the 7:15 am 911 call?

An UNCONFIRMED report by one of the students said that the murderer was Asian.

The number murdered is now 31+the murderer.

Update: One more person has died to bring the total of murdered students and professors to 32. They have identified the murderer as a South Korean resident alien by the name of Cho Seung Hui. He is was 6' tall. He was also an English major. Why are they telling us this? To humanize this animal? I do not know. I would like to think it is for those who need to know why. I personally know that this will not help. The only answer is that there is evil inside each and every one of us. It is up to each of us, individually, to identify and control that which is unacceptable in the sight of God.

Look. If you do not know like my mention of God because it convicts your heart, you don't have to read what I write! Sheesh. Give me a break, will ya? I will proclaim His Power to all ends of this world! I pray one day you too will understand why...hopefully before you do die and then there is no hope for redemption...

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