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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday Freefly-05: A tale of two different Aussies

I've listened to this week's Freefly, and it does capture the arrogance of it all. I do, however, believe that Uncle Jimbo can best explain what happen to this week's Freefly.
Friday Freefly 05- Steve Irwin v. CNN's Michael Ware:

We did film a Freefly and it was good but I think the Gods thought we swore too much so they killed it. Today at lunch I filmed a quick replacement contrasting two Aussies: The Croc-o-gator Hunter Steve Irwin and CNN's Baghdad VIC (Varmint in Charge) Michael Ware. The Cable shows have recently had Ware on breathlessly deriding comments from John McCain and Joe Lieberman that Baghdad was not simply hell on earth. I mean who better to know that you can't leave the Green Zone without being instantly slaughtered than him. He didn't leave and voila, he's still alive.
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