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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

Saturday was the day of the Gathering of Eagles, and what a day it turned out to be. Several people have taken amazing pictures, while others have written outstanding articles of the event. We are reminded that Saturday was the 40th Anniversary of some long ago protesters who showed up again, no doubt trying to relive their youth, to try to make a point. This they did.

The point they made was exactly this: No more will the silent majority remain silent while our brave men and women, our country, our freedoms and our liberty are under such grave assault. No more will the communists and Islamists rule our streets. They may rue them, but they shall not rule them!

Here are some of the links you should check out:

Gathering of Eagles: The Day After, by Big Dog.
Malkin Reports on the GOE, by Michelle Malkin.
Miracle in Washington, by Judi McLeod; Canada Free Press.
Blogburst: Gathering of Eagles--30,000 strong, by Michelle Malkin. Must see pictures.
Hot Air.
Old War Dogs, Bill.
The Day We Took Our Country Back -- Part 2, Bill.
Gathering of the Crows, Big Dog.
Video: Gathering of Eagles in DC, Little Green Footballs.

Update: WOW! by The Grunt.

Update II: My friend over at Red Hunter has more pics of the day. He lives right there in the battleground for American hearts and minds. The place? Washington DC. I know it is rarely referred to as such, but isn't it the truth? Is this the place most of the media pay attention? Why? To change our minds and discourage us about the GWOT and any program the Republicans try to implement. (Albeit the Republicans are terrible at getting their message out. Sometimes I wonder if they have one anymore!)

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