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Monday, March 26, 2007

Democrat bill would cause the murder of Americans and Iraqis

I have been at a loss for words that I would ever be caught saying after the Democrats in the Congress decided to play arm-chair generals. Trust me, I had many a word to say, I just did not want to put them down so they could live forever. I was given very good advise as a child and as an adult. Never write when you're angry, and wait three days until you cool off. I'm still angry, but I believe I have 'cooled-off' a little.

I have been reading many blogs, and I believe I have found one of the best there is to explain why I believe we should stay in Iraq. It is written by Mohammed at ITM. He lives in Baghdad, and he has a personal stake in this war. Why don't we listen to him?
...I wanted to talk about this because recently we've been watching the debate in America about redeployment of troops and identifying the real front we must focus on.
Al-Qaeda itself boasts about the great "sacrifices" of more than 4,000 "martyrs" to emphasize the importance of the war here. And the hundreds of suicide bombers preferred to blow themselves up in Iraq than anywhere else should remind us that if al-Qaeda considers this the main war then why talk about redeployment?

Walking away from the main war is not redeployment, it's quitting. ...
This is such a great explanation that I would like everyone to read it. You may never read such open and prophetic words in any of our dinosaur media, but Mohammed also writes for Pajamas Media, the largest New Media forum. Please visit it frequently.

If there is anything that has happened and you do not see it in the news, chances are it is being covered over here.

If you believe that Mohammed, please call your Congressman or Senator. (I have decided not to be PC anymore. If you do not like my using the word 'Congressman', get over it or go somewhere else. You bug me.) Let them know where you stand on this issue. THEY LISTEN. Honestly, they do. Some of them maybe won't change their vote, but do you remember how long it took for us to get them to even introduce a bill for the fence on the borders? That was you and me, babe! :)

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