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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Politics conquers Justice

Today is a mixed day of news. I have been reading CENTCOM and Iraqi bloggers, and they are hopeful. Then we have Tony 'The Gutless Wonder boy' Blair giving up on Iraq. This is a snipit what they have to say over at DoD Daily News:
This war is just beginning. You should know this due to the fact that the Muslims in your midst desire to turn your country upside down and force Sharia Law upon you!

Who do you choose to call upon when this occurs? Spain? Germany? France? Ah, but will we be able to forgive you? I have not forgiven Spain! Read more.
I am not happy about this at all. Iran has great control over the area where Britain was supposed to rid the terrorists. This is one of the entrances to Baghdad for Iran's death squads. Does this make it better for Iraq? For us? NO! ARGGHHH!

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