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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Here's a little news:

There is definitely too much going on right now for me to keep up. Global warming (instead of global freezing-30 years ago), Arkin, Giuliani, getting rid of foul-mouthed bloggers hired by Edwards, DHS lied to Congress last year about the two Border Control Agents who were convicted (for allegedly shooting at a drug runner on his way back to Mexico), Agent Ramos was beaten very severely by five illegal aliens when put into the main population (same prior link), Nazanin is Free! article, a tragic update of an American, who just happens to be Muslim, loses his wife and children by murder while serving in Iraq, Duncan Hunter's entry into the field of candidates for presidents, Sleepwalking with the Enemy, Nasrallah: Iran and Syria Help Hizballah, and Everybody Knows It, Sulzberger's Revenge, Radical Islam: Terror in Its Own Words, videos to post, e-mails to answer, feeds to read, other sites for which to write articles and on and on. I'll be back sometime soon.

Hat tip: TownHall, Kevin McCullough, Bill Murchison, Stix, RealClearPolitics, Little Green Footballs, The Seattle Times and USA Today.

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