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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Going too far...

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to take a good, long look in the mirror and say, "I've gone too far." For me, I am at that point. I now belong to 26+ sites. Of course I don't use them all, but I do use 15 of them. I try to use original information on each one, but I'd be lieing if I said that was true all of the time.

No wonder I run out of things to say! Well, not really, but it does get difficult to keep up. I also read about 8-10 RSS feeds per day. That's along with covering each continent on this planet. I need help. Ya think? I need writers to help me pick up some of the slack.

I had some very good writers who used to write regularly at Love America First, but now there are only a few faithful. I only have a couple who ever joined me at DoD Daily News, but now it's only Bos'un and me. He also writes with me at Causes of Interest. He is a very cool retired Navy guy. :)

There used to be many people writing with me at my newspaper, Knickerbocker News. This is more than a blog. You must actually write as a jounalist. It isn't that difficult, once you learn how. I must admit that when I first started, it was very difficult. I almost started to feel sorry for our press. Almost.

I don't have anyone writing with me at Loving God Holy. I guess that's okay, but it's open to those who have something to say but do not have a blog.

I also write for people such as Bos'un, Korosh (my Iranian friend, he's great), Sonnaband is my Australian friend who allows to me contribute over at his site, Right Moment is a great guy who is "expecting" and Bos'un who has a site here, too, which I also contribute.

I also have a site for articles which I copy content. I have had people come back to me to let me know that a link is no longer valid. I believe it would be prudent to have a copy of said article so they could still read it.

I have found this great site by the name of I already have 3 sites over there! That's not exactly fair. I have two that were planned, but I thought they did not accept TroopPundit so I created Troops Angel. If you would to join any of my sites (except my homepage), just e-mail me to let me know. ALL SPAMMERS WILL BE REPORTED.

I did not start out this 'look in the mirror' to write all of these sites, but that's not even all of them. I guess maybe that's the point. It certainly shows how much I don't know exactly in which direction my life should be headed at this point in time. I may never know, because I cannot get away from this computer. Maybe that's the point? Ho hum...

Update: Oh my goodness! I can't believe I forgot America's Victory '08. This is a Conservative Think Tank for bloggers. You are welcome to join this one, too. We could actually use all the help we could get. :)

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