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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Son of Taylor to face torture charges

Deposed dictator, Charles Taylor, is awating trial at the Hague, Netherlands sometime early next year. He is being charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes. As the old saying goes, the acorn does not fall far from the tree.

His son, Charles McArthur Emmanuel, is being held in Miami on charges of torture. This will be a vital case to show all dictators and the victims that they will not be free from punishment when they commit such terrible crimes.
    "The indictment said that in 2002, a man was abducted from his home, and Emmanuel and others burned him with an iron, forced him at gunpoint to hold scalding water, applied electric shocks to his genitals and other body parts and rubbed salt in this wounds." Read the whole article here
Not in the United States of America. This is the first case of torture since its inception of the law to prosecute perpetrators of such ugly deeds twelve years ago.

"Chuckie," as they call him (his real name is 'Roy M. Belfast, Jr.'), grew up in Boston, Mass, and he moved to Liberia in 1997 to join his father. He participated in some of the most horrendous acts against civillians and their neighbors.

Human Rights Watch has been paying close attention to Liberia, and they say justice is too slow there. After all, it took many years of Charles Taylor's rule to virtually disseminate the system. It was left in a disgraceful condition so the new President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has been trying to work at putting one back into practice. It is a long term project. Yet, they are pleased with the progress they see in the United States of America.
    “From our perspective, this indictment is a crucial step by the U.S. government in insuring justice for torture. It’s important for the U.S., but it’s also important, especially for Liberian victims. This would be the U.S. government’s first ever charges on torture committed abroad and it’s a very important step for victims in Liberia who have suffered by Chuckie Taylor’s alleged crimes,” she said. Read the whole article
Editorial Note: It is about time there is some justice for the Liberian people. They have suffered greatly during Taylor's 20 year struggle for power and his wars. Thankfully, the children do not have to fear that they will drugged to the point of addiction to fight in these wars for these cowards who will not lift a finger to do it themselves. Really brave, eh? Where do these animals come from? Evil. It is the only answer.

If either link provided above is no longer available, you may read the article here.

Learn more about this topic from Douglas Farah. He is a very intelligent counter-intelligence man who has been watching this rather closely as well.