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Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday's America's Victory is now available 12/18/2006

There is another posting! This one is also remarkable.
Here is a start to today’s items.

John Edwards Must Enjoy Defeat by Big Dog from Big Dog’s Weblog.

No Habla Español by Darth Dilbert from Return of the Conservatives.

Is Sarbanes-Oxley Unconstitutional? by BizzyBlog from BizzyBlog (who was mentioned at LGF today!)

How to Invest Terror-free by Rosemary of Knickerbocker News.

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Big Dog's article on John Edwards is very nicely written. He gives us a remembrance of what was and what to look forward to. DarthDilbert has written an article I feel deeply about. Don't allow the title fool you, however. While it is about immigration, it is about all people. Not just Latinos.

BizzyBlog has written a very interesting article about a case that will go before a judge this coming Thursday. He argues, along with the Wall Street Journal, that this piece of legislation is indeed unconstitutional. Read it to see what you think. Let us know. This is a participatory site.

I have written an article about how you may save many lives by investing your money wisely. You want to help in Darfur? You can take all of your money in your pension plan out of any company which does business there! It is a remarkable article. Have a great day.