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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iran Azerbijan Liberation from Russia

This picture was taken outside of the Russian Embassy in London, England yesterday. (Hat tip: Azarmehr.) The reason these Iranians are protesting is because Russia has decided to continue to help in Iran's efforts to aquire nuclear weapons. Frankly, I believe these Iranians should not be alone in this protest. Where are all those 'brave' protesters that protested the Iraqi Freedom war?

Oh, that's right. Americans will not KILL you for protesting. Maybe we should rethink our policy on this? NO! I would never go for that! I just question those who cannot see evil even when it is right in front of your eyes.

Please read Azarmehr's post on this. The link is below in the Hat tip. These people are fighting for their very existence. Do you care? Then help them. Write about them. Join Daily Briefing on Iran. Your hair may curl or straighted, depending on it's normal condition, but it is necessary information for you to have.

If you truly desire to know the truth about what is happening in these days of misgivings, this is one of the credible sites. How do I know? It is cencored in Iran. Need I say more?

Hat tip: Winston wrote an article about Azarmehr's post.