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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trouble in Lebanon; Another Assassination

I have written an article about this over at Knickerbocker News, and I also gave the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star URL to the article. However, I would like to dig deeper into this with my opinion.

If Lebanon wants to stop these assassinations, they are going to have to go after Hizbollah in a big way. With the French (in their float-'em boats) stand in the way, no problem. Just take them out on the way. They have been acting as an enemy for quite too long of a time. (They wanted Syria to stay.)

They came after the Christians, and this should outrage all of us. At least those of us who purport to be Christians. Are we going to wait until there are not enough of us left to fight before we stand up and say that is not going to be the way you treat us?

Do you believe this is only because Minister Gemaley is a Lebanese problem? Let me remind you about Hizbollah! They are the ones who cowardly assassinated our Marines, and they are also in Iraq. Do you think these are your friends? Then you are a traitor to this country if you live here. Please, go tell the FBI what you have just confessed. Let us see what they do!

I'm so sick and tired of everyone having their eyes shut to the serious threat that is being imposed upon them by these cowardly idiots. They won't dare to put on a uniform and fight us. No, they know they cannot win in a fair fight. I pray the Lord crushes all of you.