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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pro-Abortion v. Pro-Choice

Many discussions are helped by having a clear meaning of the terms being utilized. This is one case that has blurred the lines, and this line needs to be clear.

Pro-abortion simply means that a person is in favor of having abortions legalized. Some people are willing to go as far as to allow the child to be born breach and then allow the doctor to use an instrument that will suck out the child’s brains until this child is dead.

Pro-choice, on the other hand, means that all people concerned are allowed to have a choice in their future. It is at this juncture where the abortionists lose their argument.

The child has not participated in the discussion. Neither has the father who also has a responsibility to and say in his child’s life. If you believe not, just go to a custody hearing when they are discussing child support.

Pro-choice is something which conservatives prefer, rather than having the government decide everything for us. We would like to choice which schools our children are exposed to while we are work. We would like everyone to have this same right.

Conservatives would also prefer to let people worship where and when they choose. We also want the choice to eat whatever it is, without government sanction or taxation, and the choice to exercise our 2nd Amendment right. We are not asking that everyone do so. Certainly not!

For all the failing schools in the USA, choice would make them competitive. Just ask the marketplace. People of faith have as much right to offer their opinions in the public square as any Hollywood actor or actress, and the government and some political groups should not have the right to censcur them.

If this is allowed, then the press, freedom of assembly and all the other God-given rights protected in the Bill of Rights (1st) and other Amendment should start to fear for their professions. Let us not forget about the 2nd Amendment. If you do not know how to handle to a weapon, you should not own one.

There are too many rules and regulations that allow one person to impose their power over those they oppress. This is not liberal. This is not Conservative.

How are all of these tied together? Let us look at today’s educational system. Notice there is only one system? That is troubling. Within this system, our children are being taught lessons antithetical to at least half the citizens of this great country. They are learning that all you need to do is use a condom to protect them from diseases and pregancy, because…well…they’re going to do ‘it’ anyway.

Why don’t we let them smoke then? After all, they’re going to do that as well! Why not allow them to attend ROTC? Shouldn’t the ROTC at least have the choice whether or not they even desire to be on campus? But alas, the same people who claim to be pro-choice and are actually pro-abortion despise our Military. What other explanation could be assessed?

Our children are not being taught right from wrong anymore. Every decision and way of life is relative. Conservatives disagree. We love this country because it is the greatest civil society to ever exist. This is not an accident, and it is not being taught in our schools. However, they are taught that when you get pregnant, you are going to have a fetus. The English word for fetus is baby, but no one will teach our children this.

They will also learn about every tragedy that has occurred in America since its inception. Learning about our past is a good and healthy thing, but to do so without including everything and everyone who gave their all so that they may sit there today free? This is just plain wrong. They should have the right to told whole truth so they may be able to make their own choices.

But alas, the same people who claim to be pro-choice and are actually pro-abortion despise our Military.

Another grievance Conservatives and most Democrats have is the governments attempts to strip the American people of ownership our God-given right to own protection against the government. Yes, that means guns, ammunition, and whatever else is deemed necessary. That Amendment was not put into the Bill of Rights lightly, but it sure is played with lightly and often. It is our choice to own them or not.

Faith is cornerstone of our country, whether you are a believer or not. Our laws, our documents, our Constitutions, our Statues. They are all based on the Bible and English law. Granted, they did look to Socrates, Plato, and many other societies who rose and fell. These were wise men who did not want us to fail, and they chose this Constitution.

This is our choice. It’s up to Conservatives, Liberals, and all the people in between. Does anyone see the word abortion? This is one of the most destructive option in a society. It divides a family, or it prevents a family from ever beginning.
There are now more old people than there are young people. This was done in a mistaken attempt to control population growth. Congratulations. What are you going to do when you Social Security checks run out of money because there are no workers left to work for you?

This is a sample of why terminology is important. It can be destructive, and usually is, when one is trying to cover up what their true intentions are when dealing with the American people.

Originally written for America's Victory '08.