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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

People for the American Way v NSA; NSA wins

In a crushing blow decision by US District Judge Huvelle rules that People for the American Way cannot look at the government's classified information. This is in response to the reaction of the Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Apparently, Judge Diggs (from Michigan) was not correct in her ruling that CAIR could receive these documents. To remind you, Judge Diggs ruled this past summer on a case heard between the ACLU v NSA.

This was a case to determine whether or not the US government has a right to protect her citizens in a time of war. It's about time these fringe groups started to get slapped down.

This new case heard by US District Judge Huvelle was filed through the Freedom of Information Act. He ruled that classified information is just that; classified. It may not be released to the public.

This is a good ruling. Otherwise, why would the government officials need special clearences?

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Hat tip: Stop the ACLU.