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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Those who politically inclined will understand that in most states the absentee ballots will not be counted for at least 10 days, if at all. There must be enough ballots to cover the diffeerence between the two candidates, or they just get thrown out. How does it feel to know you've been disenfranchised?

Regardless, Congratulations to everyone who won this election. Let us now hope that since the Democrats finally have some responsibility, they use it wisely for the sake of our country.

They still have not laid out any specific plans, except for raising minimun wages. This will cause people to lose jobs, but as long as it feels good, right?

In my opinion, it was not that the Democrats won. The Republicans lost due to open borders. I hope they weren't expecting any help from the Democrats on this issue. The border fence that passed this year is now not going to be funded, but hey? You conservatives got your revenge, right?

Let's just pray that North Korea and Iran and Syria and the terrorists (who know they are at war with us) do not get a pass. Democrats, you are now a wartime Congress. Please remember this.

Now if we could all just take a deep breath, settle down, become more civil and give the Democrats an opportunity to prove that they have the capacity to lead the Congress. If they cannot, there's always 2008.