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Sunday, October 01, 2006

UK abandons world in Afghanistan

In an article printed in the Daily Times, "British in secret truce with Taliban, it has been have learned that Britian is pulling out to give the Taliban full reign. While the truce doesn't specically call for this, there is only way to see it. In war, either you take ground or lose it. Thanks a lot, UK. (You will need to register to read the articles. It's safe.)

I would like to add more here, since I am permitted to voice my opinion. I don't like to do that in my paper.

What the heck are they thinking? Do they not know the Taliban will overtake that small village will barely any resistence? Are they cowards? I refuse to believe that the British Military is filled with cowards. I know this came from on high. And I do NOT mean God! Someone's head need to roll.

Even the head of NATO is opposed to this move! So what are they doing there if they are going to act like France? I am very upset at these latest moves. Are they trying to get OUR men and women butchered? We took them twice already...