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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thailand: From Budhism to Muslim

When this coup first occurred, I remember our papers acting as if this were a non-invasion, non-news article, except to say that it occurred. What about the cries of occupation? Oh, I see. That's only if the USA tries to help people.

Let us just see how much 'help' these Muslims are giving these Budhists:
The coming months could test his patience to the limits as he tries to convince Thais and outsiders he is marching the country back to democracy at the same time as keeping his old friends in the army happy. Despite promises not to interfere, doubts remain about the military’s neutrality, especially given that the coup leaders are staying on in the form of a Council for National Security (CNS) with the power to dismiss the interim administration.

"He has to keep the military in line, he has to seem legitimate and he has to avoid the appearance of being a stooge or being a puppet to the military," said Thitinan Pongsudhirak of Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University. [Read the whole article. Registration required.]
I see. Isn't that sweet? They are to have written a new constitution (probably Sharia) within two weeks, pick a whole new cabinet, and have chosen a retired General as the new Prime Minister.

The press gives the impression that this is a good thing. Do not be mistaken. This is illegal, and Thailand is now at the mercy of Muslims. They may have forgotten to let you know that. I will not.