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Friday, October 20, 2006

Democrat Staffer suspended for leaking intel secrets

This is incredible. Ever since the Republicans have been the majority in the House, no one has bothered to find out who leaked the intelligence leaks. The excuse? The Democrats would have to do it, because it was a Democrat who did the leaking. Huh?

Now they have finally found some backbone, maybe. The Chairman of Intelligence, Rep. Hoestra, R, is very serious about his position. He is also very serious about the security of the United States. While this may look political, it is not.

Why not? Republicans have come to the understanding that anything they do wrong is front page news, while anything the Democrats do is rarely, if ever, mentioned somewhere in another section of the paper.

So who did the Democrat in question work for who leaked the intelligence? Rep. Hartman.

One more thing I would like to bring to your attention. They are referring to this man as a staffer. He had security clearance to ask Mr. Negroponte to release these documents to him 3 days before they were released by the NY Times. Staffers do not generally have special clearance. Not this kind.

BTW, how could the NYT have been struggling with the decision on whether or not to release this classified information for over a year when they only had it for 3 days, tops?

Read the whole article here. If this link no longer works, try this one.