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Friday, October 27, 2006

Beccy Cole Sings It Right

Beccy Cole is amazing. She has a beautiful voice and a caring heart. You may buy her CD's here.

The story behind the song? I'm so glad you asked. As it was conveyed to me by Prince Pundit, Beccy is receiving much grief from her hometown fans for going to sing for the Australian troops. (She is Australian.)
Not a Dixie Chick, but definitely a Poster Girl!

I recently read about Beccy Cole, an Australian singer who has run into some flack for her "USO" type support of the Australian troops (aka as "Digger") This has now topped the Country Music Radio Charts in Australia. It might bring a tear to your eye.

Her song, Poster Girl, is in response to some of her fans who disagree with her supporting the Australian soldiers fighting in The Long War. It's a great song, worth watching and listening to. Turn it up.
You may also read about this over at Blackfive's site. He wants to thank everyone who has written about her.

You see, when people get hurt defending those who defend us, we must band together as one so the word gets out, "WE SUPPORT YOU, BECCY!" I'm only glad to be a small part of this. Thank you, guys.