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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Uncle Jimbo Gets "It"

I first heard Uncle Jimbo speaking on the Pundit Review Radio program this afternoon before I read his well articulated article. He really nails it when he started to lay out just how "well" these Geneva Conventions have protected our captured Soldiers since that document's existence.

I encourage those of you who are not sure, sure, on the fence, or somewhere in between on the subject of whether or not we should use "torture" or apply the Geneva Convention to read his article. This may give you some ideas to use for or against whatever it is you are thinking and whatever it is you know or do not know.

I personally believe these animals do not come under any treaty. Could you please point me to the treaty They have signed? The only one they have signed, so to speak, is to exterminate you and me. I refuse to allow that to happen. By my choice, you might live. We must consider these things when we debate this topic.

What topic? Should the terrorists be granted Article 3 protections under the Geneva Conventions? I know the court thinks so. These 5 out of 8 people do not determine what you and I think. If they did, we would still have slavery, Jim Crow laws, bussing, etc. You and I can right the wrongs. You and I can still debate, and we do not need to call names. This is a real opportunity for us to finally debate a well-defined question. Thank you, and have a great day.

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