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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some of my posts from today and yesterday

When I claimed I was busy, I truly was. I wanted you to see what I have been doing. All of these posts have been written since Monday. You will find that I cross-post many of them. That in case someone reads one site and not the other. I wouldn't want them to miss out, ya know? lol. Have a great day, and read a lot! :)

DoD Daily News.
Fallen Paktya Leader set the example for service to country. Wed. 9/13/2006.
9/11: A retrospective from one military officer.
U.S. Military veternarian teams provide care in Kenya.
New tools to fight insurgents. Thu. 9/14/2006.
UAV Catches AIF mortar team in the act.
America Supports You Freedom Walk(s).
Status of al-Anbar Province. Tue. 9/12/2006.
Iranians and September 11, 2001. Mon. 9/11/2006.

Congressional Pork Hunter.
APEC calls for greater currency flexibility. Wed. 9/13/2006.
USA to Rhode Island: You're out of the Union.

Causes of Interest.
Free Jack Idema Blogburst Wed. 9/13/2006
NewsMax.Com: Bush's CIA Critic Claim Exposed as Untrue. (Written by Bos'un.)
ACLU Refuses To Make Any Promises They Can't Keep. (Written by John over at the Stop the ACLU site.)

Loving God Holy. (I usually use this site. This one just happened to be closer.)
Editorial from a Romanian newspaper, 9/24/2001. Thu. 9/14/2006.

PS. Check back after 10 or 11pm. I may have added some more posts. Thanks. :)

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