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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Right Perspective Live Tonight

This Friday, Sept. 22 at 10pm EST, America's Number One Patriot, Patrick J. Buchanan, will be our guest on "The Right Perspective"! Buchanan will discuss the State of Emergency America and the West is under right now, battling for its very survival from the hordes of invading illegals entering its borders! Call in at 718-761-9996 to ask Buchanan your questions.

Also, Frank will discuss the looming breakup of Canada caused by the so-called "indigenous" Beringians; White People in Canada who think they are Beringians; Beringian "oral history" and why it is unreliable as it relates to Kennewick Man, known by Frank as "the Ancestor"; The vile Mohamadanist attacks following the Pope's speech; the true story of the Mohamadanist attack on Byzantium; Jimmy KKKarter's psychotic hatred of Bush, and Bush before the U.N.!

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