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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Other Iraq: Part 2

This is a wonderful group of people who sent me this e-mail I want to share with you. Please go to their site. You will find out we did do the right thing after all.
We wanted to send you this short note to let you know that a delegation from Iraqi Kurdistan is back in the United States - continuing our campaign to tell the American public about "The Other Iraq."

Americans helped us to win our freedom from the oppressive rule of Saddam Hussein. Thank you so very much for that. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Kurdish civilians died from Hussein's "Anfal" campaign of genocide against our people.

But now that is in our past, and we are charting a bright course for a new and promising future. Again, this was made possible thanks to the support and assistance of the American government and its people.

We are looking forward now, not back to the past. We have implemented a flourishing democracy. Just last month we passed a new free market investment law - the first in our history.

We are currently traveling through the U.S. as part of the Iraqi Kurd delegation visiting America. So far we've been to Washington, D.C. and New York and now Nashville, Tennessee. We're heading westward across America to tell our story and attract American support and investment in the new Iraqi Kurdistan.

You might have seen our television ads that we are currently running: CLICK HERE TO VIEW. We encourage you to view them online - and please pass the link along to your friends and ask them to view the ads so we can help get our message out.

Our website: The Other Iraq.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and thank you for supporting the people of Iraqi Kurdistan.
If you agree with them and me, please write a post about this. At least pass along this e-mail. You mail e-mail right from my site. Do you see the little thing that looks like a mailbox right over there by the trackback? That's an e-mail link!

Okay, so you have known this all along. I just found out, and I am happy. So allow me my happiness! lol.

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