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Friday, September 15, 2006

News on N and S Korea and Darfur, Sudan

I will list some articles here will be of note to you. Especially if you are concerned about Darfur and/or North Korea. South Korea's president has decided to go against his people and spurn the USA. We need to keep an eye on this. It is more serious than you think.

North/South Korea
Talks 'still key to N Korea nukes'.
S. Korea-U.S. summit comes at critical moment.
Korean village yields to U.S. base.

After reading the first two articles, you will be absolutely confused. My suggestion? Try reading Shah Alexander's Global American Discourse (Japan) site. He is usually pretty up to snuf on these issues. Also, The Korea Liberator and the North Korea Zone. These are very good blogs who are over there, so they are more likely in the know than anyone on CNN! (lol)

Darfur, Sudan
Clooney: U.N. choice in Darfur is troops or death.

I must admit, I may not like his politics but he is sure doing what he can for Darfur. I have to give him Kudos for that. I'll be back with additional articles on Darfur. My computer is trying to shut down because it just updated or something stupid. Grrr!

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