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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A List of News Articles

Here is a list of news articles I have been meaning to get to:

Friday, 9/8/2006.
Sudan reportedly will free Tribune reporter. Fri. 9/8/2006.

Wednesday, 9/6/2006.
Sudanese Newspaper Editor Beheaded. Gateway Pundit.

Tue 9/5/2006.
Kidnapped Austrian Teen to Give First TV Interview. Fox News.
CAIR’s fake ‘hate-crimes’ numbers. LGF.
Thailand Jihad Death Toll. LGF.
US Historical Documents. Library of Congress.
New Czech PM supports USA missile defense on it’s terrority. Fox News, printer friendly.
U.S. to Scout Missile Sites in Czech Republic. Fox News, printer friendly.
Patriot Interceptor Missiles to Be Deployed in Japan. Fox News, printer friendly. Darfur Rebels Report Heavy Fighting With Sudan Government Forces. Fox News, printer friendly.
We love the USA. YouTube, h/t, Dagney's Rant.
Bush: We have resolve. Washington Times.
Plamegate. NewsBusters.
Iranian Regime Supporting Leftists Harass Jews in Argentina. H/t: Gateway Pundit, from (h/t) LGF. There is a link to this over at Loving God Holy.
Horrible pics by Iran. IRFP.

Aug. 21, 2006.
Hussein goes on trial today, Aug 20, 2006, for gassing Kurds in 1988. Washington Post.
Disorder in the Courts. Opinion Journal.
Who’s behind the ACLU ruling that tells the President he isn’t allowed to protect the people in a time of war. Debbie Schlullel. (Taylor in Michigan.)

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