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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You should read my interview!

I had the pleasure of interviewing a very nice gentleman who is on a hunger strike for the citizens of Darfur, Sudan. I don't particulary like some of the people (Code Pink) that are helping him with prayers and comfort, but hey, I can't do it. For that, I guess I am grateful someone is there to help him.

You will find it posted at Causes of Interest and Knickerbocker News. The link is on Knickerbocker News since I am doing this as a news story. I generally put anything that has to do with Darfur over on Causes of Interest, because that is one of my interests.

I am make a series of it, and I am changing the template at Knickerbocker News. It is 11:54pm as I am writing this. Hey! I got in under the deadline! lol. Thanks, guys, and have a wonderful day.

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