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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We Did It! Twice!

This is not related to MM's pork-spending, but it is definitely worth your attention. The Club for Growth has just informed me that we beat the pants off of the tax-hiking, big-spending Republicans. One was even an incumbant!

"Tim Walberg defeated Representative Joe Schwarz last night in Michigan's seventh district. The final tally was 53% to 47%, a decisive margin of victory." This is awesome! Let me explain why.
It's the first time any Republican has lost his primary this year and the first time in a dozen years a Republican has lost a primary based on ideology.

Voters sent a clear message to Congress that they are tired of the big-spending, big-government policies that contributed so much to incumbent Joe Schwarz's downfall.

Club members donated over $600,000 to Walberg's campaign and the Club for Growth PAC spent over $500,000 in independent expenditures including hard-hitting TV and radio ads that underscored Joe Schwarz's liberal record on economic issues.

This race showed the power of Club for Growth members acting together.

You beat the entire Republican establishment, which lined up solidly behind Schwarz despite his pork-happy spending. Schwarz had the backing of many left-wingers too. A prominent environmental group poured over $350,000 into the race. A who's who of labor unions kicked in over $130,000 and former Democratic Gov. Jim Blanchard made get-out-the-vote phone calls to Democrats urging them to vote for Schwarz in the primary.
Everyone who helped by donating, take a bow. Now for the second win. Colorado's 5th District was won by Doug Lamborn. We also endorsed him.
Club members donated over $200,000 to his campaign and the Club for Growth PAC spent nearly $100,000 on independent expenditures, including running TV ads during the closing days of the campaign.
This one was funny, however. There was a "Dewey beats Truman" moment when the Rocky Mountain News website stated that big tax-spender Crank had won. Had they waited a few moments, they would have realized the absentee ballots had brought Doug to victory. Yes!

Now I am going to do something for all of you who I know do not want your tax dollars going down the drain. I am going to let you in on a campaign that only has six days left to go. Although our record is 8-2, this is a must win.

"Sharron Angle, a taxpayer superstar from the Nevada Legislature, squares off against two tax hikers in a Republican primary in a strong Republican seat." This is possibly our last opportunity to make our voices heard. Please help her with a donation, and you may also help the Club the Growth with a donation.

This way, we can make more TV and radio ads. Please donate here. She is incredible, and you will not be sorry. Have a good day everyone, and thank you.

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