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Friday, August 04, 2006

Thanks everyone for your patience

I would just like to thank everyone for being patient with me while I took care of some business that had to do with my computer. It was a pain in the neck, but it should be okay for a day or so. lol.

I have been rather busy over at Causes of Interest, with all the stuff that is happening in the Middle East. You may also find much of the work over at My Newz 'n Ideas Plus!.

Don't forget though, one of my more time consumer and rewarding sites is DoD Daily News! Oh, it isn't that the others are any less, it is that this one gives me the opportunity to bring you a kind of fuller sense of what is really happening.

I do get upset. I do blow off some steam. You may even be surprised at who! But over all, our guys are doing one fine job. They really deserve our support. No matter where we are on the political spectum.

If you would like to put your money where you mouth is, please Adopt a Soldier. They could really use your support, and you could really learn a lot about what is truly like to care if a person you don't even know ever makes it home. Pray for them, please. All of them.

I also have a second site for this: DoD Daily News-2. This is for extensive news that some of you may get bored reading. For shame, but 'tis true. Oh well. Have a good day everyone!

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