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Monday, August 14, 2006

State Sen. Tom McClintock is "The Man"

Have you ever met a politician you wanted to take home because they were so sincere, true their principles and knew the difference between legal and illegal without having to look it up in the legal books? This is State Senator Tom McClintock.

His 19th District covers a little corner of Los Angeles while the bulk of his constituents are in Santa Barbara and Ventura. There are 846,791 people in his district, while only 496,419 people are registered to vote. 182,802 (36.8%) are registered Democrats, and there are 210,585 (42.4%) registered Republicans.

In his re-election to State Senate seat, he won handily. Deservedly so. He is a man who will answer any question you have without beating around the bush. Illegal aliens? No! Pro-Growth? Yes. Private or public? Private. On down the line.

He can astonish people with his one word answers. One reason being they never expect it from a politician! He is the type of citizen-politician that anyone could love.

This year, Sen. McClintock is running for Lt. Governor. He needs our help. His site is McClintock! For Lt. Governor. If you could help in anyway, the state of California would be eternally grateful. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

Catergory: CA.