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Friday, August 25, 2006

Sen. Tom McClintock for Lt. Governor

I am going to reprint an e-mail I have received, and you will agree with me that we need more men like Tom in government. Listen to what happened over the weekend:
Protecting Our Property Rights
California Republican Party Endorses Proposition 90

The California Republican Party endorsed Proposition 90 (known as Save our Homes), the November ballot initiative that will restore our basic property rights. The endorsement came Sunday at the GOP’s state convention in Los Angeles.

“The Republican Party’s endorsement is important, but this issue is neither Republican or Democratic—it is fundamentally American,” said State Senator Tom McClintock. “This is about restoring the original property rights protections of the American Bill of Rights that were ripped out of the Constitution by the Kelo decision of the U.S. Supreme Court a year ago.”

During the convention on Saturday morning, Tom McClintock led a workshop on protecting our property rights. The Protecting our Property Rights workshop was held to raise the awareness of Proposition 90 and build support for the initiative among Republican faithful. Senator McClintock was joined by Assembly member Mimi Walters, Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, Orange County Register senior editorial writer and columnist Steven Greenhut and Bob Blue, a business owner of a luggage shop in Hollywood who has been a victim of eminent domain abuse. About 100 delegates to the CRP’s convention this weekend attended the workshop in support of the initiative.

McClintock said last year’s Court decision broke the Social Compact that gives government its legitimacy and opened a new era when the rich and powerful can use government to seize the property of ordinary citizens for private gain. Government may now literally take the house of a person it doesn’t like and give it to a person that it does like. Stripped of all the sophistries and euphemisms, this is what it comes down to.

“There are 6,000 public agencies in California that now have the power to seize your home, pay you pennies on the dollar for it, and then give it to somebody else for their own personal gain and profit,” McClintock said. “Since this decision in June 2005, California lawmakers have failed to act, failed to ‘fix’ the Kelo decision and restore our property rights. Sadly, it now falls upon the people of California to take action and pass Proposition 90.”
You know he's right. I know he's right. Haven't we all been asking, "Why isn't the government doing anything?"

Well, if they did that, they would be giving up their power. We must stop them. Please join us in this fight. It is a worthy one.

To contribute to Tom's campaign for Lt. Governor, please click here. Thank you for all of your help in advance. :)

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