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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Right Perspective Tonight

Tonight's Right Perspective has sent me their line up. Here it is for you:
NYC's Most Dangerous Callers to Talk Radio take to the airwaves themselves tonight, 10pm EST over shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz and the Internet at

On tonight's "The Right Perspective," we'll discuss the death of our beloved friend and hero, the President of Paraguay, Gen. Alfredo Stroessner; the death of 55,000 N.Koreans by a massive flood; Beringians in KKKanada protesting; 911 calls released.

Plus, Randy Stuffelbeam, Constitutional Party candidate for Gov. of Illinois, will be on live for an interview, and will take your questions! 718-761-9996 is the number to call in and be heard!

On "Hello, Africa!," live from Pretoria Dr. Johan Lets Pretorius on the advancement of The Majuba Declaration, and more!

The Right Perspective - heard every Friday 10pm EST over shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz and the Internet at

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I hope you enjoy this evenings program. Have a great day.

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