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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Right Perspective Live

On tonight's "The Right Perspective," Why Communism is Aparthied; "equitable redistribution of wealth" is a fraud!... KKKastro's illness and the need for "regime change" in Cuba...

Mel Gibson's tempest in a teapot and the hypocricy of it...

The story of Kennewick Man and the REAL "Native Americans".

John breaks out the list of JUDEOPHOBES OF KKKOLOUR and compares them to Mel Gibson. Why has the media said nothing about what Al Sharpton has not said but done, and yet MSNBC compared Gibson to Al Queada?! Sharpton caused Jews to be killed, but Gibson is the hater...

On "Hello, Africa!", Dr. Lets Pretorius, Minnie and Johan Pienaar will update us on the Boerevolk's struggle for an independant homeland.

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