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Thursday, August 31, 2006

NG Attacked at home; Time to Stand and be Counted

Those of us with a brain between our ears have had to listen to the garbage spewn across our TV's (for those who still watch them on) as if these were 'peace' protesters. They are not. I, for one, refuse to allow this charade to continue.

Over at Little Green Footballs, I found this article: National Guardsman Brutally Attacked. I beg you to read it. Then I dare you to show your true colors. Are you a patriot or a communist-fascist-sympothizer of al-Qaeda, Hizbollah, or any other Islamo-Nazi organization? How will we know?

Write to the SeattleInsider at:
    2807 Third Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Phone: (206) 728-7777
These are the brave souls that reported this story. Show them your support, and ask if there is any new information. Then, go around in your town and find another person who gets as angry as I am at this happening (and it is not reported except for the local area).

This must not be allowed to stand. We must fight back with PRO-VICTORY protests. I do not care that you have a job. Those people are dead because they had a job on September 11, 2001, or have you forgotton?

Update: Many people people are becoming aware of this situation, and they do not like this any more than I do. Have you heard anything in the news? Have you read it the papers? No? I am not surprised. However, if it were the other way around? The moonbats would be demanding justice. Let us show them exactly what justice is when you perpetrate this heinous act of hatred against your own country, your own brother. And you are peace-loving? HA!

Check out Dagney's Rant and Froggy over at Blackfive. Also, feel free to go through my Milblogs on my sidebar. I am quite sure they have written about this as well.

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