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Monday, August 14, 2006

McCain: We want hearings; subpoena the media

One of my friends has written a brilliant piece, and I would like to share it with you. He writes many excellent articles, and you may read JP's articles over at American's for Freedom...

Senator McCain: Join the fight against Islamic Fascists and their Fraud on the American Media Consumer

I call upon Chairman McCain to compel testimony about the fraudulent pictures from Lebanon.

Recently, it has become obvious that many of the pictures and video depicting some of the civilian casualties in Lebanon have been either digitally manipulated, deliberately staged, or have been accompanied by misleading text.

As the US public depends upon the media to deliver unbiased accounts of foreign politics and news, it is unacceptable that such manipulation should occur. Further, this is fraudulent; both to the individuals who purchase or utilize newspapers, magazines & television news programs; and to the companies which advertise accompanying articles with such a fraudulent product.

Worst of all, this fraud is perpetuated on behalf of Hezbollah terrorists, who falsely claim Israeli brutality. [These are American reporters? Or are they reporters for the terrorists?]

Senator McCain has long proclaimed his ardor for the fight against Islamic-Fascism, and the forces of terrorism including Hezbollah. He has also been a strong reformer of many industries in the past. He holds the Chairmanship of the Senate Commerce Committee. This means he has power to force testimony by the media.

As Senator McCain is uniquely positioned to both strengthen the fight against terrorism and provide needed reform to those who defraud both our media and its consumers; I humbly call upon him to force the heads of the Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, and all major US newspapers which have printed the fraudulent pictures to testify about this fraud. [Remind them that they are Americans first, then they are reporters.]
That is the sole work of JP. I just love it so much! Are you aware that over 900 pictures have been debunced? Yup. That is correct. You may be able to find more news about this at Little Green Footballs, which has them on top because they are so many stories about each separate incident!

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