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Sunday, August 13, 2006

JihadWatch, a 12 year old's Patriotism, Global Warming and Blackfive!

Tonight they are going to kick-off the show one of the most emminently qualified Atmospheric Scientist from MIT to let us know the truth beyond the hype. His name is Mr. Richard Lindzen. Get your questions ready. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Following the 7:00pm hour, they have one of the greatest and smartest ladies I know. This is one of those programs you just do NOT want to miss. Pundit Review Radio is going to present Janet Levy from Jihad Watch. Her site is absolutely full of knowledge and resources for those of us who do not the time to find it on our own. (How does she do it?!)

For the 9pm hour, there is a double-header of "Someone You Should Know" planned. Of course, they could not do this without including Matt from Blackfive. He will be on tonight to let us know what the dinosaur media thinks is not really newsworthy. These are some of the bravest young (and older!) men and women anyone could ever meet, and he will recount their bravery for us.

Then Matt will be speaking with a 12 year old young man who loves this country. He has started a non-profit group known as, "Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops." His name is Dylan DeSilva, and he makes my heart sing. This young man sends gift packages to Iraq and Afghanistan on a weekly basis, because he cares. How about you? Show him some love! (That means reach into your pocket.)

The news in wars is never all good. Michael Yon will will be joining the show to let us know what is really happening over there. It isn't pretty, and it breaks my heart to hear it. At least from Michael, I can believe him. I may not agree with everything he has said, but he has never lied or tried to cover anything up. He is an honorable journalist. I can tell, because he started out with a blog. lol.
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