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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good All-American Football is Back!

I have been waiting since the SuperBowl for this moment, and it is finally here. Yes! My Buffalo Bills are going to have to struggle again, but we are used to it. It is those other teams that have not been tested that you should worry about. lol.

This weeks game is playing right now, 7:30pm EST. The Buffalo Bills are playing Carolina Panthers Saturday in the first pre-season game of the year of 2006. (Buffalo should win. lol)

If anyone is interested in the top players last year (and you should watch these guys this year), here is a list of the top five:
Rushing Yds
1. S. Alexander SEA 1807; 2. T. Barber NYG 1657; 3. L. Johnson KC 1549; 4. E. James IND 1506; 5. R. Johnson CIN 1440

Receiving Yds
1. S. Smith CAR 1432; 2. S. Moss WAS 1400; 3. C. Johnson CIN 1377; 4. L. Fitzgerald ARI 1329; 5. A. Boldin ARI 1321

Passing Yds
1. T. Brady NE 4073; 2. C. Palmer CIN 3782; 3. P. Manning IND 3742; 4. T. Green KC 3670; 5. B. Favre GB 3622

Sacks No.
1. D. Burgess OAK 15; 2. K. Vanden Bosch TEN 12.5; 3. O. Umenyiora NYG 12.5; 4. A. Schobel BUF 12; 5. J. Taylor MIA 12
Until someone teaches me how to make tables, I'm afraid this is the only way I can put this information on the computer. Hint, hint.

Upcoming games for my Buffalo Bills include Cincinnati's Bengals at 7pm on Friday at home, August 18. Then they play the Clevend Browns at 6pm on Saturday, August 26, 2006 at home. After this, they play the Detroit Lions in Detroit at 7:30pm on the road. Each of these times are EST.

For more information, please go to the NFL website. I hope everyone has a wonderful football season, and have a great day.

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