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Friday, August 25, 2006

Freedom of Assembly not afforded Jews in Argentina

When I read this yesterday, I was infuriated. "How could this be?" I asked myself. It was a frightful conclusion that came to me. It is because no one wishes to go against the Mullahs of Iran.

Do they not realize that this is precisely how the holocaust in Hitler's Germany (not today's Germany) began? Is anyone paying attention, taking note? Why has this not reached the news? Fear?

Gateway Pundit has been watching and writing about this atrocity.
Iranian Regime Supporting Leftists Harass Jews in Argentina
A group of radical leftist supporters of the Iranian regime prevented Jewish protesters from holding a demonstration at the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires today:
    Left-wing activists in Argentina prevented an anti-Iran demonstration.

    Argentine Jewish groups organized a demonstration Wednesday in front of the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires to protest Iran’s support for Hezbollah.

    But some 50 members of the group Quebracho stopped traffic and blocked the street so the Jewish demonstration couldn’t proceed.

    Argentine Jewish leaders expressed serious concern and demanded the freedom to demonstrate.

    “Public opinion can understand, from this event, who is playing with violence,” said Silvio Rossjansky, president of the Argentine Zionist Organization.
A member of the Iranian community (L) argues with members of the Jewish community (R) who had planned a protest against Iran, near the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires August 23, 2006. (REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian)
May someone else will start to pay. Then another and another, before it is too late...

Update: I have some disgusting cartoons about the holocaust, if you want to see what the ME is learning... These are from Iran. If you want to enlarge them to view them, please go to the bottom-left corner and put the arrow on the last picture. You will see a yellow square. Click on it. If this will upset you, please do not view this. Remember, they are cartoons. Yes, it is because of what was done in Holland a couple years back.

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