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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Kansis City is playing my NY Giants. I am not going to be writing. For a change. If you'd like, you may look up:
Judge orders wiretapping unconstitutional. By none other than your NY Slimes.
Wiretapping Overseas Terror Suspects Ruled Illegal H/t Little Green Footballs.
N. Korea Preparing Nuclear Test?. H/t LGF.
Mufti of Egypt: "The Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity". H/t LGF.
It could be me.... H/t Congressional Pork Hunter.
Breaking: Explosives Found at Tri-State Airport. H/t LGF
US Centcom Press Release Feed.
US Centcom Video Feed.
US Centcom Audio Feed.
US Centcom News Feed.
Darn. My computer froze. I can't get the title to that article or anything else! Argghhh! Have a great day.

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