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Monday, July 24, 2006

We did not give them the right...

As I listened to a recording of a very moving phone call received by Mr. Pollard, Kevin and Gregg, the tears came easily. That is not so unusual these days. Then again, it is.

While it seems everyone is decrying their rights are being denied, what about Susan's rights? Does she not have the rights as each responsible human being? If so, why should she made to cry and fear in our great country?

Fear of her own neighbors and/or strangers? No one has the right to harass another, yet this atrocity continues, unabated, daily. When will stand up and collectively say, "Enough! No more!"

When we will take the fight to the ignoramus' who are egging for one?

Susan, God bless you. Do not worry. (Luke 12:22-34) We will be sure that your child will never be treated as in the days of yore.

For those of you who are not aware of whom and which I speak, please go listen to this phone call received yesterday on Pundit Review Review. Then you will understand. They have no right...

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