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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Third Carnival of German-American Relations

The third Carnival is now ready to be viewed by all. This is a carnival where all the respondants are trying to voice their opinions about the German-American relations, and we are trying to bring our country's into a better dialogue and relationship. Who needs the newspapers or diplomats? We have each other.

Please feel encouraged to visit these sites, and please leave a comment. I am asking that you be polite, even if you disagree. Remember, this is an effort to open up dialogue. Of course we are going to disagree. If we do not allow another the right to disagree, what right, might I ask, do we have to do the same?

For the English language host, we have Davids Medienkritik. For the German language host, we have Extrablog

There were many submissions this time, so for brevity's sake some have not made it to these links. Do not fret, however! You may find all the submissions at this list: Carnival Blog

This carnival has been organized by the Atlantic Review. Thank you very much for your continuous hard work. We wish you much success.

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