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Friday, July 28, 2006

Terrorist shooting in Seattle at the Jewish Federation

Around 4pm tonight, there were between 4-6 people wounded (this is what Yoni said on Hugh Hewitt's radio program). This happened at 2031 Third Ave. in Seattle.

LGF has some news in the comment area. The SWAT team is still covering the place. This is a breaking news story, so we do not know what's really happening.

I will tell you this. They say there's no motive? I say, "BULL". You do not walk into the Jewish Federation with a gun without a motive. How stupid can these news people be?

Yes, we must give these terrorists all the benefits of the doubt that the Left can manufacture, but our Marines? Well, they're guilty before any charges are even filed? This is crap. I'm getting fed up with this PC crap. How about you?

Oh yeah, supposedly the people are European that did the shooting. So? Does anyone remember about Europe?

Update: One victim has died. One a**hole in custody.

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